Dog & Cat Grooming

Dog grooming

Detailed Dog and Cat Grooming

Get the complete care and attention your cat or dog deserves for all of their grooming needs by making a bath and brush appointment with our professionals today. You can trust the experienced staff at Ken Neill Kennels with your beloved pet.
  • We address special needs like sensitivities and allergies
  • Our hair cutting services are breed specific
  • Our bath services include nail trimming and ear cleaning

Additional Grooming Services

We provide nail cutting and grinding for your pets. Our additional services include anal gland expression, teeth brushing, nail polish, special shampoos for your dog's special needs and furminator for removal of excess shedding. Flea and tick baths are also available for your pet's comfort.
Speak with our friendly staff about your pet's needs when you call us today!
Our grooming services will leave your pet looking flawless!
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